Our Plan…

The San Francisco Museum at the Mint is being developed as a phased project. In May 2011, Phase I was completed at a cost of $13 million. Phase I included:

  • Architectural and exhibition plans
  • Environmental review
  • Initial seismic review
  • Review and approval by State Historic Preservation Officer and U.S. National Park Service
  • Museum storyline creation and design
  • Remediation of all hazardous materials

With the completion of Phase I, we are preparing to undertake Phase II, which includes:

  • Completion of the planning process through construction drawings for the entire project
  • Design for the American Money and Gold Rush Experience in The Vaults
  • Design for the San Francisco Visitors Center in collaboration with the San Francisco Travel Association and the City
  • Grand opening of the first increment of the San Francisco Museum at the Mint

Our Future...

San Francisco is one of the few great cities in the world without a major institution dedicated to its history and culture. The San Francisco Museum at the Mint will fill a gap in the city’s cultural landscape and give the Bay Area a truly innovative 21st century learning center dedicated to its people, achievements and global impact.

The San Francisco Museum at the Mint will create a new kind of cultural attraction that integrates dynamic history exhibits with an interpretive visitor center and cultural retail from the region.

Our Vision…

  • Honors the men and women who have made San Francisco and the Bay Area what it is today.
  • Makes history meaningful by connecting the value and relevance of history to our daily lives.
  • Establishes the San Francisco Museum at the Mint as a gateway to the city and region, providing an orientation to the Bay Area’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Invites everyone to contribute and share their own perspectives and stories.

Our Building…

The National Historic Landmark San Francisco Mint – one of the most important buildings in America – is a perfect place to house this new institution.

Our Goal…

Make it Green. When completed, we aim to make the San Francisco Museum at the Mint the most advanced, environmentally aware historic restoration in California, seeking LEED Platinum certification and carbon neutral operations.